Know the questions. Questions, answers and health tips for the Hispanic community

Imagine buying a new product. You look for the clerk at the store and ask all kinds of questions. However, when seeing the doctor, you don’t ask questions because you’re not sure what to ask, or you’re too embarrassed to ask. Sounds familiar? Let’s face it, many in our Hispanic community prefer to ask a coworker, friend or even a family member about health concerns or treatment advice rather than going to the doctor.

A Spanish Web site by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) can help the Hispanic community ask the right questions and improve communication with their doctors. Conozca las preguntas (Know the questions. Questions, answers and health tips for the Hispanic community) offers tips and sample questions to help prepare patients for their medical appointments. Patients can get biweekly tips on how to talk to their doctor. There’s also a Web site available for smart phones.

When you ask questions and talk openly with your doctor, you can improve not only your health, but your quality of care.

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